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GB3CM aerials shown on top of the BT Mast at 
Llanllawddog - Locator ref. IO71VW.


This excellent location provides very good coverage around West Wales.





Brief Overview:

  • 70cm (FM) UHF Repeater
  • Map Reference: SN47462728
  • 94.8Hz CTCSS tone and the 'time out' is set to three and a half minutes
  • Operating on 433.200MHz output 434.800MHz input
  • Repeater Keeper Mark, GW8KCY







GB3FG, a 2m sister repeater for GB3CM, is now operating on RV57 from a site just East of the 'CM site.

After many years hosting GB3CM the site owner has given notice of potential site loss. We are working to maintain the status-quo but in the meantime are looking for possible alternative sites. In view of the current problems with the Primary User on 70cms, a new site within 2km of the current would be ideal. Failing that 'CM could be off the air for a considerable time whilst a full site move is arranged.