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GB3CM aerials shown on top of the BT Mast at 
Llanllawddog - Locator ref. IO71VW.


This excellent location provides very good coverage around West Wales.





Brief Overview:

  • 70cm (Fusion AMS C4FM/FM) UHF Repeater
  • Map Reference: SN47462728
  • 94.8Hz CTCSS tone and the 'time out' is set to three minutes
  • Operating on 430.8625MHz output 438.4625MHz input
  • Repeater Keeper Mark, GW8KCY







10 March 2021: GB3CM is currently off air due to a system failure. A site visit will be required to investigate further. Due to site access restrictions we currently have no time scale for this visit. GB3FG & GB7FG are both still available for use.

29 August 2019: GB3CM, is now operating in Fusion AMS mode on RU69 (Tx:430.8625 Rx:438.4625). For FM operation CTCSS remains 94.8Hz. Please send reports to: keeper(at)